Empty Property Scheme

Do you have an empty property?

Landords If you have a empty property, this is most likely costing you money instead of being an asset that should be producing you an income.

Empty properties deteriorate rapidly and become targets for vandalism and crime and provide no rental income.

At Fairplace Homes Ltd we access Grants from the local authority for property owners to provide refurbishment and conversion services for long-term empty properties.

Fairplace Homes Ltd will work with you and the local authority to complete all refurbishment works necessary for your property to be brought up to standard following which we can lease the property from you for up to 10 years providing you with a income from your asset with no liabilities or obligations for you as the Landlord. You will enjoy a fully managed service with no charges, no commissions and a free rent guarantee at a competitive market rent paid to you whether your property is vacant or occupied.

Do you have land?

Fairplace Homes Ltd is constantly looking for new land opportunities to develop attractive, innovative homes in London and Essex.

We are always looking for a range of opportunities in these area. These can range from small sites of up to ten units through to larger developments. If you have land for sale or a development opportunity, including Section 106 schemes, please speak to us as we can offer a variety of options to suit your needs including a straight purchase or a partnership on specific developments.

Developers are obliged to provide social housing as part of their planning requirements, we will work with you to produce the best scheme layout to minimise the impact of social housing on the values of market sales and maintain your reputation through our proven track record on excellent management and on-going maintenance of the scheme.