Local Authority

Fairplace Homes Ltd is a Local housing association and works with Local Authorities in partnership to manage and create homes for the social sector. We own or manage over 2000 homes in London and the South East.

We manage and build high quality homes to meet a range of needs including temporary accommodation, supported housing & Care Services. We provide services for our residents, such as managing their homes and investing in local communities.

Our ‘general needs’ are usually rented to families on low incomes, who come to us from local council lists of people who need housing most.

We rent and sell homes at the going market and also provide shared ownership homes to people who are taking their first steps on the housing ladder, whilst working with Local Authorities to create opportunities through our ‘Meanwhile Management Service’ by bring estates and properties back in to use that may be earmarked for demolition for current use by providing all the funding for Local Authorities as a temporary solution.

Every penny of any surplus we make is then invested back into providing more and better homes and services to residents.