16 – 18 Plus Services

At Fairplace Homes Ltd we aim is to assist and support young people who has been Looked After and who becomes a Care Leaver under the Leaving Care Act.

A Pathway Plan is drawn up in partnership with each young person. This plan will include information relating to Housing, Education, Training and Employment, Health, including Sexual Health, Finance and Independent Living Skills.

The plan will be reviewed and amended at regular intervals.

Our priority is to ensure that every young person receiving a service from us has the opportunity of reaching their full potential through engaging in appropriate education, training or employment.

Subject to risk assessments, Fairplace Homes Ltd can accommodate young people:

  • Who are in crisis
  • Who have emotional, social and behavioural difficulties as a result of past emotional/physical trauma
  • Who have been assessed as having a Learning Disability/Mental Health issues.
  • Who are affected by gang violence & known to the local Youth Offending Service’s, or are need of accommodation following release from Young Offenders Institute.
  • Who have history of self-harm, sexual exploitation, absconding, antisocial or persistent offending behaviour and may be involved in or affected by gang activities.
  • With drug and alcohol issues
  • Who require a high staff ratio
  • Teenage Parents who require accommodation in order for the Children & Families Service to carry out a ‘community’ based assessment