Empty Homes

Targeting Empty Homes and New Developments

With the current housing crisis and difficulties most authorities have in securing much needed affordable housing we work in partnership with Local Authorities and Landlords to bring empty properties back in to use. Empty properties whether owned by the Local Authority or Landlords can contribute to a viable solution by ensuring these homes can be brought back in to use for families that require them most.

This provides a practical solution by bringing empty homes back into use. We provide a cost effective way of tackling the shortage of affordable homes compared to new builds, as well as improving neighbourhoods. This method of providing homes, new to the market, on a ten year lease, is much cheaper than building new homes in London due to exceptionally high land prices.

Develop Empty Homes for affordable housing – accessing empty homes and making them fit for habitation could help to alleviate the significant housing shortages across London today. We offer:

  • We work with Local Authority partners to identify vacant properties or small infill sites that are currently disused and a cost to the authority allowing these to be developed for Affordable Homes.
  • Imaginative and commercially minded architects who liaise effective with planning to achieve timely planning permissions.
  • Expert contractors and project managers to carry out works to bring homes back into use.
  • Full Building Regulations achieved and liaison with utilities throughout the works period.
  • Accessing grants and all other subsidies available.
  • Ensure out-turn rents still meet London Housing Limits.
  • All nominations offered to local authority.
  • Seamless transition into property management services with ongoing maintenance and repair obligations taken on.
  • Work with neighbours to ensure any issues with the previously blighted property no longer exist.