Management Services

Fairplace Homes Ltd has developed its services since its inception in 2002 and currently manages over 2,500 homes across London Boroughs. We have established excellent relationships with Landlords who may have only one or two properties to those that have large portfolios across many boroughs.

Managing and Accessing Property through our HALS Scheme; we work with the borough to manage emergency and longer term accommodation for tenants in housing need.

Discharge of duty for the local authority as tenants who are currently living in unsuitable temporary accommodation an opportunity to accept a qualifying offer.

  • HALS carries no financial impact on Local Authorities.
  • There are no charges or fees for the Local Authority.
  • Access to good quality properties from the private rented sector.
  • We offer a 24/7 365 management and repairs service
  • One point of contact for local authority and landlord so that any disputes are resolved immediately.