Meanwhile Management

We understand that regeneration schemes and Decent Homes schemes have inherent delays in their programmes once decanting is complete and properties are vacant. At Fairplace Homes Ltd we specialise in taking on the management of these properties and offer;

  • Temporary accommodation for Borough referrals.
  • Guaranteed vacant possession at end of lease term.
  • No extra fees and management costs.
  • Full ongoing repair and maintenance service whilst the property remains vacant.

Meanwhile Management services as a great solution for Local Authorities that may have building or estates that are currently in need of refurbishment or have been sitting derelict for some time.

We bring these properties back in to use by using our own funding to fully refurbish these properties and provide much needed homes within the local areas on behalf of the local auttority.

The benefits are two fold, these properties would otherwise be costing the local authorities significant sums in keeping them secure and safe from vandalism and having a unused asset that could largely assist with the housing for temporary accommodation.

By leasing these properties temporarily to Fairplace Homes Ltd we;

  • Eliminate the cost for the local;
  • We manage and maintain these properties at no cost to the authority.
  • Provide much required housing in the borough by bring these properties back in to use that would otherwise sit vacant.
  • This not only is at no cost to the authority but also provides a new revenue stream for the Local authority which would have previously been a cost.

Void Management

Through our extensive experience we understand that the key to making Void management a success is having a single ‘voids event monitoring’ module developed within the existing housing management system – for tracking all voids activity.

The Void Management system VMS Finefair had developed brings all events monitoring into one module.

Our management has been instrumentals for the clients we work with in order to reduce void times across their portfolio and there has been a significant improvement of reduction of void times and related benefits including:

  • Better management and monitoring
  • Clarity and accountability clearly identifying costs and cost savings
  • Consistent reports with integrity for every stage of the process
  • Reduction in Void Cost and improvement in availability of property
  • We welcome the opportunity to discuss your current void management systems and where we can assist in significantly reducing your void times across your organisation.